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This page was last updated on 09 July 2011

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3rd January 1951 Wednesday

My birth name was Cheryl Deirdre Williams.  I was born at the Queen Victoria Hospital in Johannesburg.  My mother's name might have been Muriel but I am not certain.  If any family member is looking for me, I would like to hear from them because all my life I have wondered and wanted to meet my birth family.  I have always worked hard because I wanted to be sure that my mother would be proud of me and have recently become an Assistant Principal.

13th January 1951 Saturday

Yvonne Louise Pallatt is looking for her birth mother Cornelia Lillian Pallatt.  I was born at the Queen Victoria Maternity Home on the 13th January 1951 by caesarian section (it was a Saturday)  My mother was living in Bellevue, Johannesburg at the time and was aged about 18.  She was not married.

23 January 1951 Tuesday

I am searching for my biological mother Kamala Devi Singh. She gave me life at the King Edward VIII hospital in Durban, and named me Ashok Kumar Singh.

27th February 1951 Tuesday

Mrs.A Hawthorne,ex Muller nee.Estherhuizen last known adress Guatamala. 1976 could you please contact me.thank you. Charly

15th April 1951 Sunday

A female adoptee born in Bulawayo wishes to find her biological mother. Any information of family would be appreciated.

29th April 1951 Sunday
08/04/2003 new info
24/05/2003 FOUND

I am looking for Alma Iona Donald/Garnier (born 1917) or any of her siblings.  Last known add: 56 Main Road, Maitland. Please contact me if anyone can give information.
08/04/2003: Unmarried, common law wife to Charles Garnier, had three children, forth baby died and I was given up for adoption (I was the fifth child). Living at 59 Main Road, Maitland. At the time of my birth she was 34. Light Brown Hair and Hazel Eyes. When she was two her father died and she and her three brothers were placed into a home. They (my mom and her brothers) attended the Eastern Province Children's Home in Port Elizabeth 1919 & 1920.  Her mother remarried and had another daughter. My mom has three brothers. One worked as a Stationmaster - Uitenhage, one worked in the mines and the third one don't know.

20th May 1951 Sunday.

CYRA / SYRA Goss, born London UK. ,seeks JUNE SHEILA GOSS or any information as to her background or whereabouts. She attended  the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London and acted in repertory theatre. Mother was from South Africa and it is believed she returned there

24th May 1951
08/01/2004 New Info
FOUND: 14/06/2004

On this day a baby girl was born in East London. I have Brown hair, brown eyes, birth mark on neck - back left side, query fractured right arm at birth. I would like to know more about my medical history.
08/01/2004:Birth mother:  Elizabeth Lottering. Address of Birth mother in 1951:  58 Bayswater Road, East London.. Elizabeth Lottering signed the adoption consent on July 30th 1951.  From 24th May until adoption I was Margaret Lottering.  My adoptive parents renamed me Rita

28th June 1951

Christa De Villiers a female adoptee (Born Maria Antonette Elhers) is searching for her biological mother SUSARA MARIA ELHERS (Maiden Name). Christa was born at the Boksburg / Benoni Hospital. Her biological mother lived at 94A Bedford Avenue, Benoni at the time of Christa's Birth.

28th June 1951 Thursday.
23/03/2001: New Info

Another baby born on this day now, Dina Maria Van Niekerk is searching her biological mother LILIAN MARY GREEN nee POLLY, who had blond hair and may have moved to Rhodesia. Dina was born in Kimberley, has blue/green eyes and light hair.
23/03/2001: Dina was born as Dina Maria Green. Her biological father was Keith Neville Green who divorced Lilian on 26/02/1951. Last known address was 6 Rogers Ave. New Park, Kimberley.

31st August 1951 Tuesday

A lady born as Yvonne Woest is searching for her biological mother Anna Magdalena Woest. Yvonne was born in the Far East Rand Hospital in Benoni. Her address at the time of birth was Chester Lodge, Gedulddorp, Springs. Anna's husband at the time was John Henry Woest, but was separated six years previously. He was not Yvonne's biological father.

21st August 1951 Tuesday

Charles Posthumus (birth name) a baby boy born in Johannesburg to JOHANNA ELIZABETH POSTUMUS wishes to find his biological mother. She was 34 years old was unmarried at the time and was from the Cape Province. Charles was adopted through the Salvation Army in Port Elizabeth. He has a birth mark - Pair of lips at base of his spine.
Adoption or File Number:  540/52   Entry number: 14915/51/430  Ref Number: A.O.C.247/51.Before J.J.J. VAN DER WESTHUIZEN ESQUIRE Commissioner of child welfare

28th December 1951 Friday

Eric Carryer who was born and adopted in South Africa, wishes to trace his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. No further details are available at present.

31st December 1951 Monday

I am sorry that I don't know all of your details, the only thing I do know is that you had red hair at birth and you were probably named "Baby Coleman". I am sorry that I never got to know you as a sister. You are my biological sister and I need to find you.Born at Lady Rodwell Hospital, Bulawayo attending doctor was Dr Tommy Lyle.Exact date of birth is not known but believed to be October or December 1951

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