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Adoptees Year
of Birth


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This page was last updated on 09 July 2011

Adoptees' Date of Birth


1949 - 1950
Exact Date Unknown

I am looking for my son, JACOBUS STEPHANUS JOHANNES Van Eeden - biological mother's surname) born in 1949/50. He was place in an orphanage in Bethlehem (Free State) and later Langlaagte (Johannesburg). 

January To April 1950 We would like to meet Baby Greyling (name at birth), born during January - April 1955 in the Uitkomstehuis, biological mother's name - Anna Sophia Jacoba Greyling.

8th January 1950 Sunday

Helena (name after adoption searching for birthmother or father. Birthplace: Irene, Pretoria, on or around January 8, 1950 - Huis vir Ongehude Moeders. Medical information required.

3rd February 1950 Friday

Dennis Jones a  51 year-old adopted man seeks his biological mother (+-77 nee Beatrice Burger) and father(+-81 Bennie Mervyn ) or their families. Details on Beatrice: Unmarried / 26 / Dutch Reformed/Waitress at Central cafe, Paarl. Father was manager of Steepacres Farm, Somerset West.Had 3 brothers: Schalk,Thys & Cornelius. Details of Bennie:- Unmarried mechanic (30) @ Williams Hunt in Paarl but from Cape Town.

7th February 1950 Tuesday

Another Cotlands baby girl, Margaret Phyllis Rose Van Tonder (Birth name) is searching for her Biological mother namely PHYLLIS VAN TONDER. She was born at Cotlands Baby Sanitary Turffontein Johannesburg and was adopted in June 1950.

6th March 1950 Monday


Andriesina Diedericks, (Name before adoption) a female adoptee born in Springs is searching for her biological father HENDRIK DIEDERICKS.  Her mother Magdalena Diedericks and father were in the process of divorce at the time of adoption. Andriesina was about 2 years old when adopted and has an older sister.

15th March 1950 Wednesday

Ons is opsoek na K.E.J. Herbst, wat op 15 Maart 1950 geboorte gegee het aan Gladys Louise Herbst. Haar adres in 1950 was Kerkstraat 42 Lichtenburg. Sy was in Uitkomstehuis in Malvern Johannesburg vir ongetroude moeders geduurende die bevalling tuis.

30th March 1950 Thursday
11/07/2007New Info

A female ADOPTEE is searching for her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER.
11/07/2007: The biological mothers name is/was Dreyer who lived in Koster at the time.

24th June 1950 Saturday

Another male adoptee who was born in Bloemfoontein namely Pieter Willem Du Toit is searching for his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. He has blue eyes and blond hair. No further details are available

11th July 1950 Tuesday Looking for Looking for Magdalena Aletta (nee Viehahn) and Peter John Edwards who are my mother's biological parents. My mother was born 11! July 1950 at Lady Chancellor Home Salisbuy. who are my mother's biological parents. My mother was born 11! July 1950 at Lady Chancellor Home Salisbury.

28th July 1950 Friday

A baby girl born in Vereeniging who was named Elizabeth Nothnagel, whishes to trace her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. No further details are available at this time.

28th July 1950 Friday

A baby girl born in Vereeniging who was named Elizabeth Nothnagel, whishes to trace her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. No further details are available at this time.

11th August 1950 Monday

Atholl Robert Murray Southey is searching for his BIOLOGICAL FATHER. Atholl was born in the Queen Victoria Hospital in Johannesburg. No further details are available.

24th August 1950 Thursday
09/09/2008 New Info
20/01/2010 New Info

A lady born in Johannesburg as Mariana Gerber , wishes to find her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER, or any brothers and sisters. She was adopted a year after birth and may have lived with her biological mom for that year.
09/09/2008 New Info:
The name of my biological parents are OSCAR and CORNELIA MAGRIETHA GERBER.  It is also possible that I was born in Rhodesia, not Johannesburg as previously thought.  However, I cannot confirm this.  It is a rumor that has been around for a long time.  The last known address for my biological parents was in Brakpan, Transvaal and that was around 1951.
20/01/2010:My father's full name was Oscar JOHN Gerber.My mother was Cornelia Magrietha Gerber (born NEL). Apparently, they got divorced in 1954.

30th August 1950 Sunday

Looking for birth mother, Cornelia Sophia Marx, lived at 242 St Amantstreet, Malvern, Johannesburg during September 1950. I was born Gerhard Marx on 13/8/1950 and adopted Willem Jurgens van Aswegen on 21/02/1951. My mother must now be in her early 70's.

6th September 1950 Wednesday

I am a male adoptee searching for my biological father, John Cocklin. I do not have any information and would like to find out about him. He worked as an electrician in Keetmanshoop at the time of my birth. He was born in 1921. He worked for SAS Crown Mines, Johannesburg.

14th September 1950 Thursday

We are looking for our mother's Biological parents, we do not know anything besides that she was adopted in Springs by Harry and Elizabeth Parkins, she was born on 14/09/1950. Our Mother's adoptive name was Monica Joy Parkins.

3rd November 1950 Friday

We are desperately trying to find a Mr. Antonie Oosthuizen (allias Tony, Tobie, or Oosie) He is a white South African male, who is about 1.7 meters tall, has brown curly hair and brown eyes. He has a number of tatoos of which one is a naked lady done in full on his back, this was done in green ink. Last known address was No. 5 Impala Lodge, 271 Bree street Johannesburg.

16th November 1950 Thursday

Peter John Wilson (birth name) is searching for his biological mother MILLICIENT JOYCE WILSON who lived at a boarding house in Port Elizabeth at the time of adoption. Peter was born in Port Elizabeth at the provincial hospital.

20th December 1950 Wednesday
12/03/2010 New

Janetta (Jan) Van Rooyen a female adoptee, wishes to find her Biological father JAN VAN ROOYEN.  and biological sisters. Jan lived in Springs and was a miner at the time of her adoption. Janetta was born in Springs and was adopted during 1954. Her biological mother, (now deceased) was Hermina Katerina Van Rooyen. (nee de Meyer). Janetta has biological sisters ANNA, VIKKI and JULIE
12/03/2010 Janette (Jan) van Rooyen has found her sisters in July 2009. We all reunited. Although we are still searching for Rina the oldest sister.

22nd December 1950 Friday

Maria Magdalena Petronella Van der Merwe your baby daughter who you named Estelle van der Merwe after you gave birth in Durban, wishes to meet you.

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