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Adoptees Year
of Birth

Adoptee Born 1946 TO 1949


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This page was last updated on 14 July 2011

Date of Birth


31st January 1946 Thursday

To my mother Bertha Engelbrecht or her family. I would love to know you and my other family. I was your second child, born Pretoria 31 Jan 1946. Doreen Gough (Mara)

24th February 1949 Thursday Ivan van der Merwe, born 24th February 1949 as Herman van Eck, is looking for his Biological Mother Catharina van Eck, who was then living at 34 Drury Street in Port Elizabeth. Would dearly love to know where she is and before it is too late meet with her or her family.
31st March 1946 Wednesday

This gentleman namely Marthinus Stephanus Albertus Els (birth name) is looking for his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER (probably a Miss or Mrs. Els at the time) or ANY FAMILY MEMBER. Baby Els was born in Belfast Transvaal, and was only adopted on the 31st March 1948, almost 2 years after birth. Adoption file No. 317/48

4th May 1946 Saturday

Philip Adriaan Page was born 28 may 1946 - registered in Krugersdorp ref no:417/46. Birth name is Louis Potgieter. Was adopted by Philip Adriaan and Hester Maria Aletta Page on 30 July 1946. Order of adoption ref 33/1/2/10/46.  Looking for his biological mother or any other family member.

6th June 1946 Thursday

If your date of birth is 16th April 1930 and your name is JOHANNA ELIZABETH DU PREEZ (maiden name), then please give us a call. Joy Du Preez, your daughter, to whom you gave life  in Johannesburg is searching for you.

7th August 1946 Wednesday

I am seeking to trace 3  family members. It is possible that they may now be living in the UK.
1) Father...Benjamin Brodie. believed to have met & married my mother Margaret Asbury in Durban.
2) Brother...Marcus Brodie: Born 7/8/1946. Committed to foster care on the 19/7/1951 with a Mrs. Brussow. On the 25/1/1954, Marcus was committed to the Holy Cross Orphanage, Durban. 3) Committed to foster care on the 19th July 1951with a Mrs. Brussow. On the 25th January 1954, Marcus was committed to the Holy Cross Orphanage in Durban.
3) Sister...Angela Brodie: Eldest in family. She was of average height, attractive, green eyes, brunette. I understand that she later moved to the UK. and married an English Doctor.

13th September 1946 Friday
01/02/2002 New Info

David Lewis (birth name) a male adoptee was born in Durban and adopted through the Durban Child Welfare. David now wants to find his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. No further details are available at this stage.
01/02/2002: The other progress I have made is that I managed to get someone to access the records of the Durban Child Welfare Society and they managed to get my birth mothers names, which are Elwyn Moira Lewis. In September 1946 (when I was born) she listed her age as 23. Unfortunately there is no actual date of birth listed for her, but she did list her nationality as British. She matriculated from Chaplin School in the then Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and was a nurse. Details of my birth father are very sketchy. No name given, but he was also British and his occupation was listed as bank clerk, aged 25.  My birth mother's parents were also British, but born in SA, but also no first names or initials given. His occupation was listed as manager of the Reynolds Bros Sugar mill at Esperanza on the Natal South Coast. 

8th February 1947 Saturday

My name is Lenore Evelyn Lucht (nee Anderson) Possibly born in Bloemfontein on February 8th, 1947 and adopted by Willem and Leonora Anna Anderson, both teachers in Lady Grey. I do not want to cause any inconvenience to anyone.  I only wish to make contact to query medical histories of my Parents and Grandparents. Thank you for the sacrifice at the time of my birth and may God bless you always!  You were so brave!!!

23rd May 1947
06/09/2004 New Info
3/11/2005 FOUND

I would like to meet any of my biological family especially my birth mother as well as the other sibling if they are alive.
06/09/2004: My biological mother was
Cecilia Agnes or  Agnes
Thomas. Other information is that another sibling was born to her prior to my birth, when she was 17 years old 

15th June 1947 Sunday

Would like to trace biological mother Delfina and or biological father Neethling (or J G Roos) Would like to be able to tell my sons about their roots.

6th August 1947
Searching for present whereabouts of Joyce (current surname unknown), nee Kenhardt, living in Port Elizabeth in 1947 & divorced from Clive Carlisle Rae in 1950.
27th September 1947 Saturday

A long time ago a young mother was forced to give her baby girl up for adoption. Ann Nash (the adopted baby) is now searching for her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. Ann was born in Port Elizabeth.

18th October 1947
I am urgently looking for my grand mother, she gave birth to my dad , Andre Oosthuizen. She found herself at the Magdalena Tehuis in Cape Town. All I know is that she was related to some golf player Andries Oosthuizen.
8th November 1947 Saturday

Despina Matthews (birth name) is a female adoptee searching for her biological mom, she writes:- I want to trace HESTER ALETTA MATTHEWS which is of course no longer her maiden name. I believe she had a sister by the name of Joyce. Perhaps if we are lucky, my bmother's sister Joyce will contact us. Despina also has a sister who was also adopted from Cotlands in Johannesburg. Maybe she can give us a call.

1948 or 1949

A MR. MCFAUL is being sought by his brother Fredrick Cathro. Mr. Mcfaul was named ROY CATHRO at birth, he was born in Salisbury Rhodesia to a Monty Joseph and Monty Cathro. He may have been adopted by a family member. It has been established that he suffered severe burns to his hands.

28th March 1948 Saturday

Dalcie Atkins is searching for her late husbands adopted son, GEORGE GORDON ATKINS as he has been left an inheritance. George's mother was the late Maria Atkins. George was born at the Queen Victoria Hospital in Johannesburg.

15th July 1948 Thursday We are searching for Louisa Catharina Slabbert (maiden name) who gave birth to a baby boy on 15th July 1948. Her last known address was: 28 Second street, Greymont Johannesburg. No further details are available due to the files being destroyed. 
14th September 1948 Tuesday Terence Francis Patrick Rutherford (birth name) has just recently discovered about my adoption and would like to find any biological relatives or Rose Kathleen Rutherford nee Copeland. Adoptive parents both deceased and was raised as an only child. Grew up in Shabani, Rhodesia. Registed adoption number on birth certificate is 463.
1st November 1948 Monday Born on 1st November 1948 (Ann Erasmus) Boksburg Hospital. I wish to contact my Biological Mother: Aletta Cathrina Erasmus (Afrikaans) who lived at Lakelaan 32, Benoni unmarried at that time. No details of my Biological Father. I will not disrupt their lives. I would be grateful for any family background.
6th November 1948 Saturday Maria Petronella Harvey - your family members are looking for you. Don't know if you are looking for us, please make contact. Your biological mother is Mildred Evelynn Harvey nee Botha. It is presumed that a policeman from Norwood, Johannesburg, adopted Maria.
7th December 1948 Tuesday I was registered as Anna Susanna de Bruyn. I Adoptive Mother searching for my biological mother Anna Maria de Bruyn (maiden name) She resided in 7th Ave. and 4th str. Albertskroon and in 9th Ave. Newlands in Johannesburg. On 1st December 2002 it was confirmed that she was still alive. 
27th December 1948 Monday I am looking for my biological parents, Kenneth Hubert & Winifred May Dennis (Dinnes?).  I was born on 27 December 1948 at the Lady Rodwell, Bulawayo, I was adopted on 8 January 1949.
1949 to 1951

Felicity you were born in East London and were adopted by a doctor.  I am your sister Rosemary and I want to so badly find you.  I am so close to my other two sisters Marlene and Sandie, we love each other dearly and now want you to be included in that love.  I am not going to embarrass you in any way.  If you read this please contact me.  You are always in my heart.  Your loving sister Rose

24th February 1949 Thursday
11/01/2004 FOUND

Ivan van der Merwe, born 24th February 1949 as Herman van Eck, is looking for his Biological Mother Catharina van Eck, who was then living in Port Elizabeth. Would dearly love to know where she is and before it is too late meet with her or her family.

27th March 1949 Sunday

This gentleman who has dark brown eyes and was one of two babies born on this day at the moeders bond hospital in Pretoria, now named Marthinus Van Der Westuizen is searching for his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. No further details are available.

4th April 1949
Henrietta van Zyl, born 20th April 1949 in Vereeniging, is looking for her biological mother. Our information is that she was from Heidelberg, Transvaal, and worked at the Stewarts and Lloyds factory in Vereeniging at the time. It is believed she was known by the name of 'Baby' van Zyl. Adoption certificate number is 16147 with adoption order 1120/49.
9th May 1949 Monday

Noeline Russouw (Birth Name) is searching for her biological mother a Miss RUSSOUW. Noeline was born in Cape Town.

15th May 1949 Saturday
  14/8/2000: New info

Mary Isobella Elizabeth Pretorus  is trying to locate her biological father STEPHANUS CHISTIAAN PRETORIUS. He lived in Vrededorp Johannesburg at the time. Mary's mother Mary Kapeopi Pretorius died in 1950. The photo is of Stephanus Pretorius in 1963
14.08.2000: We have been informed that Stephanus pretorius passed away in 1981.

29th June 1949 Wednesday.
15/10/2003 FOUND 

Andre Vermeulen  a male adoptee, is searching for his biological mother ANNA SUSANNA STRYDOM nee FOURIE. Andre was born in Springs. His father Johannes Hendrik Vermeulen was murdered at Ross Transport on 10th May 1952. His adoption order number is 98/51
.Andre discovered that his Biological mom died in 1988, but has found a sister and 2 brothers.

10th July 1949 Sunday

Sydney Matheson (Birth name) who was born at the Princess Alice Home, Johannesburg, is trying to locate his biological mother VIOLET MAY MATHESON nee SMITH. Sydney has dark hair and blue eyes.

24 or 25th July 1949 Monday

A baby girl born in Germiston and who was named Priscilla Bruce (possible birth name) is searching for her BIOLOGICAL FATHER and BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. No further details are available at this time.

1st September 1949 Thursday

Looking for Biological brother & sister Adopted by a couple in Pretoria. Names were Johnathan & Sylvia Matthews. Biological mother was born:  Engela Cornelia Scott 22 July l913. Germiston.

23rd September 1949 Friday

Anne Marie Oberholzer (birth name) a female adoptee is searching for her biological father and brother. Her father a former South African Supreme Court Judge namely JAN ALBERT OBERHOLZER known to his friends as OBEY. It is believed that he may have retired to the West Coast. Her brother was probably born in 1941 or 1942.

6th November 1949 Sunday: 

20/11/2000 New Info

Louisa Van Rooyen nee Fourie is searching for her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. Louisa was born in Bloemfontein. She has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.
20/11/2000: Louisa was born as Johanna Jerling. Her Biological mother is Johanna she signed the adoption papers on 23rd February 1950.
15th October 1949 Saturday MARIA ELIZABETH MAGDALENA STANDER the baby girl that you gave birth to in Johannesburg and named after yourself viz. Maria Elizabeth Magdalena Stander, and who you had to give up for adoption, is now searching for you. You may remember the adoption file number as 204/50


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