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This page was last updated on 09 July 2011

Adoptees' Date of Birth


3rd April 1924 Thursday

We are in need information dating back 78 years.  We require the names, date of birth and date of marriage, of my fathers parents. The only information that we have is my fathers birth certificates. My father is deaf and mute. So communication with him is very limited and he also does not have any recall of his past.  My fathers name at birth was Alexander Gounaris, born in Germiston on the 3rd april 1924.
The only recollection he has of his father is his name having been Costas Gounaris, so please assist us with the above information regarding his mother and father.  
My father was adopted at the age of 2 or 3 by peter and Katina Gwenossis or Genossi. My fathers name was then changed to Michael Gwenossis. We also require information about these parents.

22nd April 1926 Thursday Victor Rice is a 76 year old adoptee who wishes  to trace his biological mother, or any living relatives. Victor was born in Durban to a Dorothea Ulshe or Ultshe. Victor was only adopted on the 5th March 1929, which means that he would have been about 3 years old at the time.
9th October 1926 Friday

Elizabeth Hammargren the biological grand daughter of Lizzie Jacobs is searching for her biological grand mother or any relatives. Lizzie Jacobs lived at the same address as Elizabeth's father's adopted parents, which was 3 15th Ave Mayfair. It would also appear that they may have lived in Fordsburg as well. Charles Hammargren was employed by a firm of undertakers in both of those suburbs. Lizzie Jacobs was a cousin to Gladys Hammargren who was a biological daughter of Charles Hammargren.

23rd December 1927 Friday

Elizabeth Hammargren is trying to find out about her motherís biological mother (my mother was adopted). My mother was born in Cape Town - she was adopted at the age of about 4years old as she recalled being taken away from her parents. She was adopted by a childless couple by the name of either Adam or Adams, I think she lived either in Stellenbosch or Rondebosch or Pletenburg Bay. I recall my mother saying that she had a biological sister Joyce and brother John.  Somewhere in all this the name Desmond comes up.  She has never seen them since she was taken away from her biological parents.

Date Unknown Heather de Beer is trying to locate her biological brother who was called MARK BROLI at birth. mark was born to Coral Nell Broli in Pretoria
6th June 1931 Saturday Dorothea Haddon wishes to assist her father-in-law to trace his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER OR ANY LIVING FAMILY, she writes: My father-in-law was unable to trace his family.  We are trying to do this for his sake and for the sake of his grandchildren.
4th December 1931 Thursday Beryl Maureen Wepener would like to find her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER or ANY SIBLINGS OR FAMILY. She was born in Cape Town. Her B/M was OLIVE JACOBY WEPENER.
17th January 1934 Wednesday Patricia Mary Winter wishes to trace her biological mother  FRIEDA DUVENAGE NEE ADAMSON. Patricia writes as follows
Patricia Mary Winter - maiden name Barry, born 17/1/1934. Mother Frieda Duvenage - maiden name Adamson. My brother born 25/12/1931 was Brian Ernest Frederick Barry. My mother Frieda was known at the time of our birth as Mrs Frieda Barry but they were never married. She left us two children with my father to marry Cornelius Duvenage in Durban and in 1941 divorced him. I have no other details
Should anyone know of her where
abouts or of where she is buried, kindly contact us.
8th December 1934 Saturday One of our oldest adoptees namely Michael John Wilkinson (birth name) is searching for his biological mother BERYL IVY WILKINSON. Michael was born in Germiston and his mother who should now be about 87 years old was born in Durban. This may seem old for some of our readers but a few years ago a gentleman of 75 years old, found his biological mother who was 95 years old at the time. So there is hope.
5th September 1935 Thursday Jan Scheepers who was born in Pretoria and adopted through the Moederbond Orphanage Home in Pretoria is searching for his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. Jan was only adopted in 1937.
23rd October 1935 Wednesday A baby boy (now Charles Vorster) who was given to the an orphanage at the age of 3 months wishes to trace his biological mother STOFELINA VORSTER who was from Kimberley and 28 years old at the time.
14th February 1936 a Friday On this Valentines day a young lady MARTHA LOOTS aged 18 years gave birth to a baby boy Johannes Loots (birth name) at the Queen Victoria Hospital in Johannesburg. He had a Red birth mark just below the hair line on his neck. Johannes would very much like to trace Martha. Franke(as Johannes is now known) suffers from a very bad heriditary tremor (essential tremor).
9th September 1937 Thursday Gerald Everet (birth name)a male adoptee is searching for his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. Gerald was born at the Claredon Nursing Home in Johannesburg and adopted through   Cotlands in Turffontein Johannesburg.
After July 1939
27/03/2005 New Info
Juliana Bester is searching for her biological brother who was named VAN NIEKERK at birth. His mother was Alida Maria Petersen nee Van Niekerk who was born on 5th April 1924. She passed away in 1983.
27/03/2005: I have since learnt that my mother's first born was adopted out years later
possibly into the family, possibly the family that looked after him since
birth.  My grandmother's maiden name was Kruger - from Elliot. My
grandfather a Van Niekerk.  From what I could gather, he would have been
born after July 1939.

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